Welcome to the new Online Management and Registration system for the Dacula Soccer Club.

Click on the blue Registration button above to get started - DO NOT log into your account

All players entered into the system will have a 'Pending Not Accepted' status. Once your player is accepted into the program their status will change to 'Pending Accepted'.  Finally when teams are formed that status will change to either 'Assigned' or 'Activated'.

A credit card authorization will be processed on your credit card at the time of your order, causing a temporary hold (approximately 30 days) for the total amount due. Your credit card will be charged when you are accepted to the Club, unless other arrangements are made. All other forms of payment will be held until players are accepted to the Club.
If you are not placed on a team you will be provided a full refund of the registration fee. Your credit card will only be charged a registration fee once the application is accepted to the Club.

No player will be placed onto a team unless they have paid their registration fees.

Children may register based on the number of coaches available. Registration will be closed when we have filled each coach’s team.  Players are accepted into the program on a 'first come' basis.

If you do not live in Gwinnett County there is a $90 out of county fee charged in addition to your registration fee.

Uniform change for fall 2011 - new vendor is Adidas.  The new uniform fee is $65.
This fee will provide two soccer shirts, one pair of shorts and one pair of socks for each player. Extra shorts, socks, and jerseys will be available for purchase if needed.  Rec uniforms will be available for pick up at the beginning of the season.

Your $95.00 - $120.00 registration fee covers the costs of officials, concessions, field development, field equipment, insurance, and affiliating with the GYSA.

If you are new to the DSC then please provide a copy of your child's birth certificate. This can be brought to the walk up registration or mailed.

All age groups will be split into boys and girls.

If there are not at least five teams in a division (U12 and older only) then they must interschedule games with other leagues. The team would travel to play teams from other associations. Games could also be played on Sundays.

Due to increased numbers it is possible for in house rec teams to also play on Sundays.

U4  born between 8-1-09 and 7-31-10
U5  born between 8-1-08 and 7-31-09
U6  born between 8-1-07 and 7-31-08
U7  born between 8-1-06 and 7-31-07
U8  born between 8-1-05 and 7-31-06
U9  born between 8-1-04 and 7-31-05
U10  born between 8-1-03 and 7-31-04
U12  born between 8-1-01 and 7-31-03
U14  born between 8-1-99 and 7-31-01
U16  born between 8-1-97 and 7-31-99
U19  born between 8-1-94 and 7-31-97

Uniform change for fall 2011 - new vendor is Adidas.  New Uniform Fee is $65.00 - includes: two shirts, one shorts and one pair of socks.

Jersey/Shorts Uniform sizing:
YXS (4-6), YS (8-10), YM (10-12), YL (12-14), YXL (14-16)
AS (Women 4/6 - Men 29"-31")
AM (Women 8/10 - Men 32"-34")
AL (Women 12/14 - Men 34"-36")
AXL (Women 16 - Men 36"-38")
AXXL (Women 18 - Men 38"-40")

Socks sizing:
Small (Youth)
Medium (Adult 4-8)
Large (Adult 9-13)

New Players - provide copy of players birth certificate to the League Registrar.

U4 Program does not need the uniform package - they will receive a special tshirt for their sessions

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